John Geesman answers PG&E’s response to the CEC 2013 IEPR

Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility attorney John Geesman answers, point-by-point, the criticism PG&E has leveled at the California Energy Commission’s nuclear issue recommendations in the agency’s 2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR). 110413 Geesman-CEC-PGE IEPR*  

A4NR recommendations for 2013 CEC IEPR

The recommendations of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility for the 2013 California Energy Commission Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) 102813 A4NR-CEC IEPR comments 

Alliance comments on draft CEC 2013 IEPR

Comments of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility on the draft California Energy Commission 2013 IEPR 012413 A4NR-CEC IEPR

A4NR attorney Geesman to CEC Chair Weisenmiller re: SONGS restart

Letter from A4NR attorney John Geesman to California Energy Commission Chair Robert Weisenmiller regarding the NRC and SONGS restart: 101812 Geesman-Weisenmiller-SONGS restart

Alliance Attorney’s letter to CEC Chair Weisenmiller re: SONGS inspection and NRC

073012 A4NR-Weisenmiller-SONGS

California Energy Commission 2011 Integrated Energy Policy Report–draft version

The CEC has just released its draft version of the 2011 Integrated Energy Policy Report, or IEPR (pronounced “eye-per”).  Comments are due to be submitted by December 23, 2011. Here is the draft report chapter on Nuclear issues (Chapter 13): 1210511 CEC IEPR draft-nuclear Here is a link to the full report: 120511 CEC IEPR […]

Transcript of California Energy Commission Nuclear Workshop, July 26, 2011

Here is the transcript of the July 26, 2011 California Energy Commission IEPR workshop on nuclear power, held in Sacramento: 072611 CEC IEPR Transcript

AB 1632 Study and Workshop Overview – Barbara Byron – July 26, 2011

A4NR Comments on Data Requests submitted to CEC for 2011 IEPR

The following documents are the comments of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (A4NR) to the California Energy Commission (CEC) that outline the omissions, contradictions or inadequacies of the responses to Data Requests that the CEC sent to both nuclear utilities, PG&E and Southern California Edison (SCE) These comments provide the background for the summary and […]

California Energy Commission workshop on nuclear power-July 26, 2011 in Sacramento

The California Energy Commission is holding their workshop on nuclear power July 26, 2011 in Sacramento.  Download and read the agenda.  The public can participate with questions and recommendations in person, or via web and phone connections. The instructions are within the attached agenda document.  This is your chance to have your issues raised and […]

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