SB 968 -Signed by Governor Brown

SB 968 (Monning) has been signed by Governor Jerry Brown.  This important bill will commence a study of the economic ramifications and potential mitigation strategies for dealing with the economic losses to San Luis Obispo County and surrounding environs with the planned closing of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant by 2025. Read the press release from […]

REDACTED: Art exhibit–Transparency, Democracy and Nuclear Power

Alliance sponsors art exhibit in conjunction with 4th anniversary of nuclear tragedy at Fukushima     WHAT:   REDACTED: This art exhibit transforms redacted documents and recently disclosed corporate email into visual art in order to questions just how much PG&E, Edison and the “regulatory” agencies are telling us about nuclear safety—and how much is […]

Post nuclear economic crashes around the USA…WHAT WOULD SAN LUIS OBISPO DO?

Since the beginning of 2013, three nuclear power plants around the country have been unexpectedly closed because they were not economically competitive in the energy market, or faced costly repairs.  As a result, the communities surrounding these facilities, which had grown to depend on the jobs and tax revenue to fuel their local economies now […]

New Times SLO: Report on Once-Through-Cooling plans for Diablo Canyon 10/10/13

Everything cool? A report on Diablo Canyon’s once-through cooling alternatives breeds more questions than answers BY MATT FOUNTAIN What’s a reasonable price tag to put on the continued operation of Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant? READ THE FULL STORY HERE:

September 26, 2013: NRC meeting on SONGS Decommissioning Process

September 26, 2013: NRC meeting on SONGS Decommissioning Process and agenda: 092613 SONGS NRC Decom mt

April 19, 2005–Alliance Protests SONGS Steam Generator Replacement at CPUC hearings

Seven years ago, on April 19, 2005, The Alliance objected to the proposed steam generator replacement for SONGS outside of  a CPUC hearing. The picture sums it up best:  Why are ratepayers asked to throw $800 Million into a “leaking” nuclear reactor? We said it then and the CPUC ignored us; Today, we were proven right […]

A4NR opposes Administrative law judge proposed decision in SCE/SONGS seismic funding case

The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (A4NR) has filed comments opposing the proposed decision of ALJ Barnett in the SCE/SONGS seismic funding proceeding case 11-04-006 combined with 11-05-011 040512 A4NR on ALJ PD 006   The ALJ’s proposed decision can be read here: 031612 ALJ Decision-006


What would happen if the radioactive fallout from Fukushima were superimposed over California’s two nuclear reactors, and then corrected to account for our state’s prevailing wind directions on that day of that Japanese disaster, March 11, 2011?  The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has done this work, using Department of Defense computer programs.  You can […]

SCE Rebuttal to A4NR Testimony

102111 SCE Rebuttal 006

Recommendations of A4NR to the California Energy Commission for the 2011 IEPR Nuclear Power Workshop

Here are the formal comments of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility to the California Energy Commission for the 2011 IEPR nuclear workshop.  The Alliance finds multiple contradictions, inadequacies and omissions in the claims made by PG&E and Edison, and provides our own roadmap for the CEC to consider when planning a safe, reliable and affordable […]

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