PPG&E Humboldt Bay Reactor history

The following documents recount some of the history surrouding PG&E’s early reactor at Humboldt Bay, which was permanently closed after the NRC and PG&E discovered seismic threats that were too costly to mitigate.   1. Fact sheet about Humboldt Bay focusing on storage of spent fuel, from the DOE Blue Ribbon Panel on Radioactive Waste:  […]

1967 Diablo Canyon Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity

This 1967 Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) was issued to PG&E by the California Public Utilities Commission as the permit necessary for them to build and operate (and charge customers for) an electric power  generating facility in the state of California. This section, taken from the lengthy application document, deals with the issues […]

1985 CPUC DRA Disallowance report

This 1985 report by the Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA) at the CPUC details the history and costs of the seismic miscalculations and overruns at Diablo Canyon. 081285 DRA-CPUC PGE disallow-full

1976 NRC memo on USGS seismic reviews

010576 NRC seismic USGS review

8.22.1991 Ltr to Supervisor David Blakely from Congressman Leon Panetta

8-22-1991 Ltr to Supervisor David Blakely from Congressman Leon Panetta or http://a4nr.org/?attachment_id=1178

12.11.1987 Leon Panetta to Rochelle Becker

12.11.1987 Leon Panetta to Rochelle Becker or http://a4nr.org/?attachment_id=1173

7.3.1980 – Ltr to PUC President John Bryson from Assemblyman Michael Gage

7-3-1980 To President Bryson, PUC from Assemblyman Mike Gage or http://a4nr.org/?attachment_id=1169 “I am writing to register my strong support for converting the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant into an alternative energy producing facility.” . . .

2.9.1977 – Ltr to NRC Chairman Marcus Rowden from Morris Udall

4-9-1977 Ltr to NRC Chairman, Marcus Bowden from Morris Udall or http://a4nr.org/?attachment_id=1164

1987 California Senate/Assembly hearing

1987 California Senate/Assembly Joint Hearing: Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant: Public Utilities Commission Staff Report Recommending $4 Billion Disallowance 870609 Moore CPUC Diablo hearing

4.20 & 21.1967 – From minutes of meeting between PG&E, AEC and Westinghouse

1967 AEC Newmark O42167 or http://a4nr.org/?attachment_id=1146

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