About A4NR.org

The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility works to educate and protect the citizens of the State of California and future generations from the dangers of radioactive contamination. We support educating the public on options for energy generation, the dangers of aging nuclear plants and the increasing production and storage of high-level radioactive waste on California’s coastal zone.

The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility Legal fund lobbies for California legislation to limit the production and storage of high-level radioactive waste on California’s coast to current license terms and to prohibit license renewals for California’s nuclear plants until there is a permanent safe and operating solution to the storage of high-level radioactive waste.

We are supported entirely by people like you. All of the funds we receive are used for education programs and travel expenses. Funds received for the Legal Fund will be used entirely for that purpose. We have one part-time paid staff person; all other members are unpaid volunteers.   As you can see donations are used wisely and have resulted in:

  • California Energy Commission reviews of the state’s dependence on aging reactors
  • Testimony to challenge ratepayer funding for license renewal projects before the California Public Utilities Commission
  • Legislative action to mandate a cost, benefit and risk analysis to determine if future energy planning should depend on reactors designed in the late 1960’s, on seismically active and eroding coastlines.
  • Comments filed in state and federal cases that address the future of nuclear power in the state and safety margins at reactor sites nationally

California is the first state in the nation to decide that these issues must be addressed before utilities are allowed to use ratepayer funding for license renewal.  This is exciting and our hope is that these studies will benefit reactor communities coast to coast.  Please join us and help demonstrate that democracy works when we all participate together.

Read our Mission Statements:

The mission of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility is as follows:

  • The primary objectives and purposes of this organization shall be to educate the public on energy choices and to reduce the danger associated with nuclear energy and nuclear waste and to take specific actions, including representing the interests of residential customers in California administrative proceedings, related to assuring public health from unsafe exposure to ionizing radiation.

The mission of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility Legal Fund is as follows:

  • To amend state laws to prohibit nuclear power plant license renewals in the seismically active state of California and restrict the amount of radioactive waste stored on site to the amount permitted for the duration of the current operating licenses;

No license renewals should be applied for until a there is a safe, permanent solution to the storage of high-level radioactive waste produced at each reactor. The prohibition on license renewals would include Units 1 & 2 at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant and Units 2 & 3 at the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station.

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