SB 968

March 29, 2016… SB 968 passes Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications committee…See the testimony by John Geesman on behalf of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (5 minutes):       SEE THE ENTIRE 35 MINUTE HEARING:     Read about it in the Santa Barbara INDEPENDENT:       Senator William Monning (D-Santa […]

Nuclear Decommissioning — take action!

The job of nuclear decommissioning is affecting both the closed San Onofre and Humboldt nuclear power plants, and may soon be an issue at Diablo Canyon. How will the job be handled? What input will the local communities have in the process? Who is considering the economic losses host communities will suffer? The U.S. Nuclear […]

Nuclear Decommissioning Truss may be bankrupt…starting with Humboldt Bay

  From Bloomberg Financial News:

May 13, 2014: San Luis Obispo supervisors budget considers future without Diablo Canyon

May 13, 2014: The San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors discusses funding for a study exploring how the County would fare economically in the absence of PG&E’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, should it close prematurely or at the end of its current license in 2024 David Weisman, Outreach Coordinator for A4NR also speaks to […]

David Weisman gives Diablo Canyon update on “Post Carbon Radio” with host Bing Gong

David Weisman, Outreach Coordinator of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, is interviewed by Bing Gong of  KVMR’s Post Carbon radio program, May 12, 2014…  

Alliance files Opposition to Settlement Agreement in SONGS CPUC case

The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility has filed comments in opposite to the Settlement Agreement proposed in the CPUC case regarding ratepayer liability for the failed steam generator replacement that led to the closing of SONGS: I.12-10-013 Opening Comments Opposing Proposed Settlement  

A4NR recommendations for 2013 CEC IEPR

The recommendations of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility for the 2013 California Energy Commission Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) 102813 A4NR-CEC IEPR comments 

A4NR addresses post-Diablo Canyon economy in San Luis Obispo

On October 15, 2013, the San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors led a discussion of a study on the potential economic impacts of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant and the county’s economic future–with and without the power plant (or a relicensed power plant).  David Weisman, Outreach Coordinator for the Alliance, here addresses A4NR’s concerns:

A4NR Opinion Piece in Santa Maria Times, September 13, 2013

The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (A4NR) has a published opinion in the Santa Maria Times, September 13, 2013: “A recent commentary reprises the economic benefits provided to the region by the Diablo Canyon power plant. Prudent investors and business owners might ask the corollary question: If the counties have grown so dependent on this single […]

PPG&E Humboldt Bay Reactor history

The following documents recount some of the history surrouding PG&E’s early reactor at Humboldt Bay, which was permanently closed after the NRC and PG&E discovered seismic threats that were too costly to mitigate.   1. Fact sheet about Humboldt Bay focusing on storage of spent fuel, from the DOE Blue Ribbon Panel on Radioactive Waste:  […]

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