CPUC APPROVES PLAN TO CLOSE DIABLO CANYON ! Read the Press Release of the Alliance:   011118 PR JP Decision   January 11, 2018     CPUC ISSUES DECISION AFFIRMING JOINT PROPOSAL TO CLOSE DIABLO CANYON NUCLEAR PLANT   The CPUC today voted to approve the Joint Proposal to retire the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power […]

Diablo Decommissioning Forum in San Luis Obispo

CPUC PUBLIC HEARING IN SAN LUIS OBISPO ON THE RETIREMENT OF DIALBO CANYON   Watch video of statements by A4NR ExecutiveDirector Rochelle Becker and Outreach Coordinator David Weisman:     Watch the video of the afternoon session, September 14, 2017     Watch the video of the evening session, September 14, 2017     READ AND […]

CPUC A15-09-001 A4NR compensation claim home page

Pursuant to Rule 1.9(d) of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure, A4NR has issued a Notice of Availability because the A4NR Intervenor Compensation Claim and its supporting material comprise over fifty (50) pages and over 3.5 megabytes of data. The parties are hereby apprised that the A4NR Intervenor Compensation Claim, along with all supporting materials, […]

CPUC proceeding to close Diablo underway….

The CPUC proceeding on the “Joint Proposal” to  close the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power  Plant has concluded… A4NR’s team registered an impressing showing in cross-examination of witnesses at the hearings.   WATCH THE WEBCASTS HERE:    http://www.adminmonitor.com/ca/cpuc/hearing/   The ALLIANCE team at the CPUC from left to right:  David Weisman, John Geesman, Al Pak, Rochelle Becker, Rick Wolfe   […]

Rochelle Becker at San Luis Obispo Supervisors, April 4, 2017

At the April 4, 2017 meeting , Rochelle Becker, executive director of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility asks the San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors to support the request to have the CPUC webcast the upcoming hearings for the Joint Proposal to close Diablo Canyon.  Subsequently, the CPUC agreed to provide the webcast.    

A4NR and the Joint Proposal to retire Diablo Canyon–CPUC documents

The Joint Proposal to Retire Diablo Canyon… Alliance documents filed in the case, in chronological order–   Protest of A4NR filed September 14, 2016: 091416 A4NR Protest A1608006.   TESTIMONY OF A4NR in the Joint Proposal to retire Diablo Canyon, CPUC case A.16-08-006 012717-A4NR and SLOMFP Testimony*   REBUTTAL OF A4NR in the Joint Proposal […]

Joint Proposal to Close Diablo Canyon and the Alliance (A4NR)

The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility is a signatory of the Joint Proposal to close Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.  While the Alliance (A4NR) agrees with most of the the proposal as written, it has reserved the right to challenge the $52 million in ratepayer funding that PG&E seeks as reimbursement for the amount they spent […]

Rochelle Becker at PG&E Public Forum on Diablo Canyon closure in SLO

Rochelle Becker discusses the role of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (A4NR) regarding the Joint Proposal for the closing of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant at a PG&E public forum held in San Luis Obispo, California. July 20, 2016  

PG&E GRC 2017

A4NR files testimony in PG&E General Rate Case for 2017 Read the press release here: 042916 PR GRC filing02     Read the Testimony of witness John Geesman here: A1509001 – A4NR – Geesman – Ratemaking   Read the Testimony of witness Rochelle Becker here: A1509001 – A4NR – Becker – Policyr   Redacted PG&E […]

Diablo Canyon ISFSI FSAR seismic update March 2016

  COVER LETTER: ML16078A390   DOCUMENT 1:   ML16078A393   DOCUMENT 2: ML16078A394

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