SB 968 -Signed by Governor Brown

SB 968 (Monning) has been signed by Governor Jerry Brown.  This important bill will commence a study of the economic ramifications and potential mitigation strategies for dealing with the economic losses to San Luis Obispo County and surrounding environs with the planned closing of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant by 2025.

Read the press release from Senator Monning here:


To read the details of the legislation, click here:

If you wish to see this bill become law,  send a letter to Governor Brown and urge him to sign the bill. Use this link:

Once you are there, complete the drop-down choices and then choose “Legislative Issues/Concerns” from the “Please choose your subject” window.  You will then be taken to a window where you can choose “Pro” or “Con.” Select PRO and in the box type the phrase:  SUPPORT, SB 968.  Please sign SB 968.  You may add any other comments you wish. 

Here is the official support letter from the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, which you may adapt as you wish:

083016 Support ltr to Gov SB 968


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