Assembly Bill No. 42 – passed 8.31.2009

Assembly Bill No. 42 passed 8.31.09 


“This bill would require Pacific Gas and Electric Company, in
furtherance of the recommendations made by the Energy
Commission, to conduct seismic fault studies or surveys in areas
at or near the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in order to
maintain reliable operation of the electrical grid and mitigate
impacts to customer rates that could result from a seismic event.
Because a violation of this requirement would be a crime, this bill
would impose a state-mandated local program by creating a new
crime. The bill would require the commission, in consultation with
the California Geologic Survey and the Seismic Safety
Commission, to conduct or facilitate a peer review of any fault
studies or surveys conducted pursuant to that requirement within
120 days of receipt of a final study or survey. The bill would
require the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to fund all costs
associated with a peer review of any studies or surveys and would
require the commission to authorize the utility to fully recover, in
its generation procurement rates, all reasonable costs associated
with any studies, surveys, or peer review required pursuant to the

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