Japanese Attorney Masaki Kito on Fukushima and real estate

Mr. Masaki Kito is a consumer rights attorney who is suing TEPCO for $69 billion on behalf of 1300 Tokyo residents. His lawsuit is unique in that he is personally suing the executives and board members of TEPCO for their complicit negligence in creating the lack of safety culture and awareness that allowed this accident to be as bad as it was.
Here, in this short clip, he talks about how even the perceived notion of contamination is emptying suburbs of residents hundreds of miles from the scene of the meltdown—just because it is tainted by the “perception” and public opinion. It is not joke to say that even the hint of a radioactive release is causing large scale evacuations. That means those are homes and properties with no value.  Translations by Carole Hisasue and Yukari Yamamoto


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