A4NR Rebuttal Testimony in PG&E General Rate Case 12-11-009 at CPUC


“While A4NR considers PG&E’s conduct in this matter to be profound misfeasance, the point of this testimony is not to lure the California Public Utilities Commission (“Commission” or “CPUC”) into a subject more properly regulated by the federal government under the Atomic Energy Act.4 Instead, A4NR asks the Commission to consider this example in evaluating the prudence of PG&E’s conduct of the seismic evaluations for which it seeks ratepayer funding in this proceeding. The Commission should quickly recognize the high stakes which California has in assuring the integrity of PG&E’s review of seismic issues at Diablo Canyon. Based on additional materials recently provided by PG&E in response to A4NR’s successful Motion to Compel Discovery, this testimony reveals the Diablo Canyon Senior Seismic Hazard Assessment Committee (“SSHAC”) – especially its ground motion characterization activities – to be an insular, corner-cutting exercise in the self-justification of past work rather than an objective, robust, scientific inquiry.” 


A 12-11-009 Rebuttal Testimony _ Apend


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