Senator Barbara Boxer Challenges NRC

On November 21, Senator Barbara Boxer, chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee, challenged the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on their lack of transparency and their slow response to addressing current seismic licensing concerns at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.  Regarding Diablo, Senator Boxer said:

“The NRC gave reactors in the western US, where seismic risks are greater, even more time to complete their seismic evaluation and safety upgrades.  Earthquakes do not wait until the nuclear industry and the NRC is ready to deal with these threats.  And families, who live near nuclear facilities–and I have a number of them–should not have to wait one additional day for needed safety enhancements at nuclear reactors.  This is a key point for the Diablo Canyon nuclear facility near San Luis Obispo, in California.  Scientists discovered a new fault, that is just offshore from the Diablo Canyon plant. Government experts inside and outside of the NRC believe this fault represents a threat to this facility.  Serious questions have been raised regarding whether this facility meets NRC’s license requirements, given the wealth of new information regarding seismic hazards at the site.  We intend to continue our thorough oversight of these matters.”

Read her letter to the NRC:

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 Visit her web site and read her press release:



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