Rochelle Becker to NRC on relicensing–March 3, 2010

In 2010, Rochelle Becker, executive director of the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (A4NR) asked the NRC to collaborate with California oversight agencies on state-of-the-art studies and review of PG&E’s seismic work — the NRC refused. The result: thousands of pages of seismic justification by PG&E, a handy rubber stamp by the NRC and significant unanswered questions from California’s Independent Peer Review Panel. The NRC might be able to confirm Diablo Canyon can be safely shutdown safely in a quake, but it can never determine whether continued operation will be reliable or cost-effective for California utility customers.

As the NRC once again prematurely reopens the license renewal process for Diablo Canyon, consider Ms. Becker’s earlier admonition:


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