Alliance participates in Seismic Town Hall

On September 25, 2015 Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility outreach coordinator David Weisman was an invited panelist at the Town Hall on Diablo Canyon seismic issues convened by state senator Bill Monning.  

“The NRC has said the safety components can withstand the maximum earthquake, fine”, said the Alliance’s David Weisman, “what we ask, and the state asks, and our Legislature asks with AB 1632, was what about everything else surrounding the plant, because a reactor that remains whole, while everything from the parking lots to the administration buildings crumble, is not a facility that is going to do what our public utilities commission expects it to do, prudently and reliably generate cost-efficient electricity.”

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Download the Alliance’s written presentation:

092515 A4NR presentation Town Hall


Download the Alliance’s Powerpoint slides:

092515-A4NR-Town Hall Powerpoint

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