Nuclear Decommissioning — take action!

The job of nuclear decommissioning is affecting both the closed San Onofre and Humboldt nuclear power plants, and may soon be an issue at Diablo Canyon.

  • How will the job be handled?
  • What input will the local communities have in the process?
  • Who is considering the economic losses host communities will suffer?

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has posted a notice for public comments regarding proposed changes to the decommissioning process, including the role of stakeholder oversight and local emergency planning concerns.  However, the notice was posted just before Thanksgiving, and the public comment period ends on January 4, 2016—barely enough time to understand the complex issue during a busy holiday season.



Contact the NRC and tell them that the public comment period regarding changes to the decommissioning rules needs to be extended by 45 days in order to allow meaningful public input.  Here is a sample letter with instructions for sending it, provided by the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO).  

It can be cut-and-pasted to match your own individual or organizational letterhead, but most importantly must be send before January 4, 2016 and request an extension of the comment period.




For more detailed background, here are the Powerpoint slides from the NADO webinar:


Nuclear Decommissioning Powerpoint slides 120915


And here is the actual NRC notice in the Federal Register outlining the proposed changes and process for input and resolution.  Of special interest, please see pages 5-6 of the attached for proposed changes to offsite emergency planning requirements.  The NRC is asking for input on the relationship between decommissioned reactor operators and state/local emergency responders.  Should the nuclear operators be released from supporting offsite and local emergency responders?


111915 NRC Decom Rules


Here is the video of the NADO webinar on this subject:

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