CPUC A15-09-001 A4NR compensation claim home page

Pursuant to Rule 1.9(d) of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure, A4NR has issued a Notice of Availability because the A4NR Intervenor Compensation Claim and its supporting material comprise over fifty (50) pages and over 3.5 megabytes of data.

The parties are hereby apprised that the A4NR Intervenor Compensation Claim, along with all supporting materials, is available on this web site as follows.  To open and save a document, click on the links for each document below:

  • The I-Comp filing

A1509001.A4NR. I-Comp Claim.071017


  • Attachment 1.  Notice of Availability

A1509001.A4NR.I-Comp Claim.Attachment 1.Notice of Availability


  • Attachment 2.  The Certificate of Service 

A1509001.A4NR.I-Comp Claim.Attachment 2.COS.071017.File


  • Attachment 3.  Timesheets

A1509001.A4NR.I-Comp Claim.Attachment 3.Time Sheet Records and Allocation of Hours by Issue


  • Attachment 4.  Expense Claim and Receipts

A1509001.A4NR.I-Comp Claim.Attachment 4.Costs and Expenses with Receipts


  • Attachment 5.  Pak Resumé

A1509001.A4NR.I-Comp Claim.Attachment 5.Alvin Pak Resume


  • Attachment 6.  CalPLG Resumés

A1509001.A4NR.I-Comp Claim.Attachment 6.Resumes O’Hara Springgate Cox


  • Attachment 7.  Rick Wolfe Resumé

A1509001.A4NR.I-Comp Claim.Attachment 7.Rick Wolfe Resume


  • Attachment 8.  Ellen Wolfe Resumé

A1509001.A4NR.I-Comp Claim.Attachment 8.Ellen Wolfe Resume



Upon request, A4NR will provide a compact disc containing the A4NR Intervenor Compensation Claim and all supporting material, or a paper copy of said materials if preferred by the requesting party. Requests should be submitted in writing by e-mail to:

David Weisman

E-Mail: David@a4NR.org

Requests may also be submitted to Mr. Weisman, at The Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility, Post Office Box 1328, San Luis Obispo, California 93406.



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