Action Letter to CPUC opposing Settlement Agreement for Diablo Canyon Relicensing Funding

Please “copy” the following letter, add or modify with any of your own personal comments,  and then click on this link to open the email  and paste the letter to the Public Advisor at the California Public Utilities Commission.  In the “Subject” box type: A. 10-01-022 OPPOSE Settlement Agrement

RE: A. 10-01-022

Please note my opposition to the Proposed Settlement Agreement (SA) in

A. 10-01-022. The SA only merits support if, and only if, all of the following amendments were included:

1. PG&E will receive no state-approval for operation of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant beyond 2025 until the full development of AB 1632 is completed.

2. Absent final resolution of once-through-cooling mandates, PG&E will receive no state-approval for operation beyond 2025.

3) PG&E will receive no state approval to store radioactive waste produced after 2025, absent a fully-funded, operational and permanent offsite radioactive waste storage solution.

4) PG&E will fully develop all potential energy generation alternatives available at the Diablo Canyon site should new seismic information result in foreseeable exorbitant costs for retrofits and litigation. The site is utility owned and provides transmission at the south end of PG&E’s service territory. The development of this plan should include jobs and resources opportunities for the county and state to produce clean energy kilowatts and secure storage of existing waste in perpetuity.

Please place this message in the official record of the proceeding and forward to all CPUC Commissioners.


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